It started as a rumor, Yurgen Kaneko, the legendary Bull of the North, and his circle had vanished. It was dismissed at first as just hearsay. The Bull had forged a small nation for himself in the northern wilderness, and his nation was expanding even now. As time went on however it grew harder and harder to deny the truth, He was gone. Though his ultimate fate is unknown the ramifications of his absence are widespread.

The Icewalker tribes who had abandoned their nomadic culture to follow him were lost without him. Unable to return to the nomads many turned to mercenary work or became bandits. Still more ended up in shantytowns on the outskirts of established nations as refugees placing a strain on the norths economy. The Nations of the Saltspire League quickly retake their land driving out the Bulls disorganized forces. A powerful leader rises once more to try and unite the bulls forces but his intentions and even his identity remain shrouded in mystery.

With the political situation in the north in flux it will take little to plunge the north into an all out war.

The Bull must be found,
or replaced…

Rise of the Northern Star

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