Rise of the Northern Star

Earthday Descending Fire 14

Three days after the return from tzalti another solar appears in town Pale Ice is a well known negotiator and go between for supernatural forces and was asked by the council to address the Widowmaker situation. while he meets with the council Ni’Esti, and H’rann hunt and Mountain prepares a large cremation service and funerary rights in the slums. The spectacle of this draws pale ice to watch but before he can properly make introductions there is a cave in at the mines.

Ghosts from tzalti attack and kill several miners and the party heads in to deal wth them but pale ice tries to open negotiations with widowmaker. they agree to make no further attacks and will send an emmisary to speak to the council. the ghosts withdraw and pale Ice calls an emergency meeting with the council. they determine that they need to have a proper council meeting with representatives on the league but moving a military force to the area for a proper defense should the worst happen will take 2 weeks. in the meantime Pale Ice and niesti plan to seek out any informatuion they can find to deal with the situation.



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