Rise of the Northern Star

Earthday Descending Fire 7

The Three Spears Inn was abuzz with the news that was covering the city. Council member and Lord Evard Pascaline had been robbed and murdered. Killed in his private chambers late the previous night. What’s more, it was apparently a member of his household staff who did it Hilliam Luce, his manservant, was allegedly paid by a foreign power to kill his master. he had since fled, confirming his guilt.

A proclamation was issued by the City Council:

Wanted for judgement! Hilliam Luce murderer of the beloved lord Evard Pascaline. He is a thin, dark-haired, short cat beastman, with a taciturn disposition. Caution must be taken as he carries a brace of flamepieces at all times. Citizens are urged to grant him no quarter. whoever captures him Alive or dead will be rewarded richly by the council.

The Lord Evard Pascaline was something of a reformer in Diamond Hearth. He kept his estate near the outer city and was renowned for his generosity. A famous story tells how he once gave 20 dinars to a man who came to his door simply begging for a meal. And he frequently employed Beastmen who honestly sought to find work in the cities. Pascaline was also a famous scholar who spent much of his youth researching Haslanti history. He died an elderly man with no heirs and his death has brought the Haslanti’s natural suspicion of outsiders to the forefront. The guards now form a ring around the inner city keeping those from the outer city out. Thusly, the act of searching for Luce fell to random armed citizens and mercenaries who patrol the streets.

The Party decided to look into this case for various reasons and visited Pascaline’s manor house.

The manor house was in something of an uproar surrounded by mourners holding vigil’s and guards keeping them at bay. The first attempt to gain entrance into the manor covertly by Hooded Shadow met with disastrous results, leading to a more direct approach informing the guards that as bounty hunters they would like to search for possible leads. Though watched carefully as they went about the house the group interviewed many of the household staff.

They learned that when Pascaline’s resident physician, Hubert Plith, rose to give the lord his nightly medicine he found the master’s study locked and Mr. Luce nowhere to be found. As such he got Gavaroche the elder servant to come with him and break the door down finding the lord slumped over his writting desk with a knife in his back. Whatever he had been writing was gone, destroyed, Plith surmised, by Luce. Dr. Plith believed that the master had learned something about Luce that the beastman wanted kept secret and killed him to keep it such. He also mentions that Luce was well-educated and spoke a number of languages which was most unusual for a low born servant and suspected him of being a spy.

When the party investigated the body Ni’esti was able to determine that the wound would not have been fatal and his Beastman brother H’rann used his ability to perceive essence to determine that a spell had been cast on the knife. Ni’esti’s occult background led him to believe that the murderer had cast “Assassins Fatal Touch” on the knife to commit the murder.

The party also encountered a pair of bounty hunters who looked to start a confrontation with them a quiet Haslanti man kalled Kierns, and a boasting foppish foreigner called Roncalli. Though they left without incident their appearance and interest in the party put everyone ill at ease. After eating and comparing notes the group determined to continue their search in the morning.



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