Rise of the Northern Star

Fireday Descending Fire 10

The party decided to look into Maxim Bauer‘s herbalist shop, an old and rickety place with a swinging sign depicting the image of a mandrake root that looks strangely humanoid the shop keeps late hours open only during the late morning and early afternoon the shelves are dusty and the items are kept in moldy jars with scribbled labels perusing the store Ni’esti is able to tell that these herbs are garbage. Hooded Shadow talks to Bauer determining that he knows nothing about herbalism and everyone agrees that Luce is probably hiding here.

The group watches the place after closing hours seeing a smoking chimney they can be sure someone is inside. The party raids the place cornering Bauer. But when some of his hired muscle, a Dragon Blooded mercenary, bursts in Hooded Shadow kills him and the place devolves into a melee. The party makes short work of Bauer’s guards and take him prisoner finding luce hiding in the back room as well.

Interrogating the pair answered a lot of questions:

Luce and Bauer are criminals but they met while working as resurrectionists, that is they recover bodies for magical and medical experimentation, as well as other purposes they do not speak of. that is how luce first met Dr. Plith. When Plith Acquired a job working for the lord Pascaline he persuaded the Lord to hire Luce as a footman claiming that he worked cheaply. In reality Luce was working for half-price with the doctor paying his other half out of pocket just to have an ally in the house. Plith and Pascaline shared an interest in history and specifically in Tzalti, and Plith admitted the major reason he wanted to work in Pascaline’s estate was for access to his library. While they worked there Luce still supplied the doctor with bodies bringing the to his apothecary shop, and on one occassion made a venture into tzalti using directions Plith supplied from his research. Luce had come to a large tomb where he made a rubbing of the old realm script on the structure, though he admits he could not read it.

The night before the murder, Plith and Pascaline had a loud argument and that evening Pascaline called Luce to see him in private. Dr. Plith, he said, had spoken of things that caused him great distress and he was going to write a letter to the council concerning it, Luce was to carry this letter to them in the morning. Luce agreed and fully meant it having developed a greater fondness for the old lord than for plith. He spent the night packing his things and moved them to Bauer’s shop, planning to deliver the message in the morning and then dissappear in case Plith tried to drag him down as well. While he cannot prove that Plith is the murderer he feels there is more than enough evidence to support his story.

Neither Luce or Bauer wish for furthur involvement and wish simply to leave the city in peace. Luce does however tell the party the route he took to the tomb in Tzalti and the party resolves to go to the council about Plith

The problem though is that the councilmen all know Plith and the party are strangers and Anathema, their claims of Plith’s sorcery pale in comparison to the feats they have displayed since their arrival. Plith is easily able to shield himself from suspicion.

Hooded Shadow approaches the council after the meeting is adjourned and uses some of the credibility he has to get them to consider Plith’s crimes.



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