Rise of the Northern Star

Moonday descending fire 16

The townsfolk, and especially the miners are all but up in arms terrified of returning to the mines after all this but knowing full well what will happen if they refuse, Several of them Approach mountain asking for him to use his power to deliver them from this fate and free them from the haslanti. which he promises to do in good time.

Ni’Esti meanwhile sets about preparing the party’s weapons to fight ghosts as well as cooking up a potion that will allow the group to see and affect immaterial beings for a period of time.

a sizeable group of icewalkers Also arrive to a less than warm welcome that ends in short lived violence. Strength of the north recognizes a few of them as being the bulls men.
The icewalkers are of the wolf tribe a group that stayed north to police the Bull’s holdings while he headed east to halta. They Came to diamond hearth searching for news of the bull as they knew it was his last known destination.
their Leader Zeru has heard both mundane and ridiculous rumors about the bull’s fate but knows he intended to head north from Tzatli in search of a powerful artifact he and Samea had unearthed the location of. The rumor is that a birthmark in the shape of a map was found on the side of a yeddim the tribes had slain and was fonf as they prepared it for tanning and shaved it’s fur off. the bull and Samea suppossedly studied this to plot their course and were very excited about what they had found.

Pale Ice meanwhile seeks out an Immaculate monk he had heard about in an effort to bolster the city’s ghost fighting ability. instead he met the captain of the mercenary Company that the monk belonged to. led by a woman called Gegas Leto They signed on with the city to help defend should widowmaker attack.

After more deliberation the group prepared to descend into the shadowland again.

After sneaking past the ghost patrols the group found and penetrated the Tomb of bright shattered ice. navigating it’s dangerous defenses left the group i terrible shape by the time they reached the final chamber. Strength of the northern horizon and Pale ice were both poisoned by automoton assassins and were turning to gold, and Strength himself has become chemically addicted to a drug that he breathed in while in the tomb which urges him to return to it. Auspicious sun praising mountain had his gender shifted to female by a shaping effect. H’rann Ni’Esti’s companion was rendered catatonic by one of the traps in the maze. Hooded Shadow was nearly killed by one of the traps and lays greviously injured.

In the end however they did not find widowmaker’s body as they had hoped but left with a number of first age relics, in addittion they discovered a crystal matrix of essence that retains the knowledge of Bright shattered Ice, the made this Simulacrum as she prepared to kill herself wanting to preserve her research and knowledge for the future. from this they learned the command codes to take control of the crystal legion, however it was noted that Widowmaker would still be recognized as a superior officer and if personally present could still override their control. they also learned the location of widowmaker’s home in the city as well as the location of the military academy where he spent the majority of his time

returning to Diamond Hearth they found that the mercenary Gregas Leto was an accomplished Apothecary and was able to make an antidote for the golden Venom, this left Ice and Strength Retching all night and exhausted the next day but cured nonetheless.

Also of note the City Father of Diamond Hearth Wu Ya returned with information on widowmaker, while it was unfortunately nothing new he reminded the group that they now owed him a favor.

the group now planned to evacuate they city and try to challenge the ghost to a duel but with all of them in poor condition the validity of this plan was questionable. as they planned however an alarm went up that a death knight was entering the city. The Abyssal Exquisite Vengeance, came with dire news. Widowmaker had allied himself with the Deathlord known as The Lover Clad in the Rainment of Tears. He explained that she was sending troops as well as a Deathknight to lead these troops in battle. Vengeance wanted to be allowed to assist in putting down this abyssal and the lovers forces having no desire to take control of diamond hearth.

As morning approaches Mountain and Dust try to make a new plan for the city while the rest of the group recovers from their injuries.



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