Rise of the Northern Star

Moonday Descending fire 9

The party set out immediately to search the city for more information. Early on they encountered a mob who believed they had found Luce, but were in fact beating a different beastman to death. Ni’esti, intervened and a fight broke out leading Strength of the Northern Horizon to make short work of the thugs while Hooded Shadow and Auspicious Mountain quieted the crowd and acquired the documentation needed to have them recognized as officials of the council.

With the situation resolved, the party went back to searching; suspicious of Doctor Plith they look into his activities a bit more closely.

Doctor Plith owned the apothecary shop in town. It’s a two-story wooden building. The ground floor is the shop and the upper floor is lodging though he had moved into Lord Pascaline’s manor at this point.

The shop was run by Jenevieve Tanneux , as Plith primarily concerns himself with the Lord’s needs.

They operate under the pretense of looking for medicine for the injured beastman and she gladly helps them, but has a strange “incredibly forthright” demeanor. As they go about their buisness the bounty hunter pair they met earlier arrive and are introduced as Kierns, a Haslanti hunter, and Roncalli is a swordsman from Cherak. They are dropping off supplies at the shop, and Jenevieve explains that the doctor has hired them to accompany him on an expedition. They try to shut her up but she is clearly unintimidated. They leave shortly, promising to find Luce before the party can and Jenevieve explains that the doctor has planned an expedition to Tzalti in a few days and hired those two as laborers. She also explains that Plith and Luce were friends for many years and mentions a mutual friend, an Herbalist named Maxim Bauer that plith buys ingredients from, and Luce did odd jobs for occassionally.

Before they leave, Hooded Shadow invites Jenevieve to dinner that evening and agrees to meet her here at the shop for a date. His Plan is to distract her while the others watch Plith’s movements at the Lord’s house and try to search the shop.

Ultimately, this becomes unnecessary as Jenevieve is incredibly cooperative and gives them the run of the place. They discover a basement to the building with a medical table covered in blood and equipped with restraints. Jenevieve calmly explains that Plith practices dentistry and other medical procedures here, but a search reveals a hidden compartment in the table’s pedestal inside is a book with no cover which was laid in a magical trap that was detected and avoided by the party. The book, it was discovered, was a copy of the Broken Winged Crane, and a copy of the Art of Sorcery, bound together. Jenevieve admits to having no knowledge of this. Furthur questions about the expedition revealed that she will go if the doctor asks, but would prefer not to since she has read their fortunes and determined that anyone entering Tzalti now will die within 7 days.


Somewhere before the confrontation in Bauer’s shop, you should mention Lenny’s confrontation with the Dragon-Blooded mercenary.

Moonday Descending fire 9

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