Rise of the Northern Star

Overview of Diamond Hearth

A brief summary of the city.

Diamond Hearth is predominantly a mining town. Those who have done well have a district of permanent stone homes while the rest of the city is a shantytown built from packing crates and canvass with frozen mud streets. Once a week (Moonday) an airship caravan arrives for shipping purposes.

Like all Haslanti cities it is run by a city council but here the council is made up entirely of the most wealthy people in the city. At the end of the day profit is the motivating factor for most decisions in the city.

The city has few attractions but the most prominent is the Three Spears Inn, where workers and upper class alike can come and enjoy themselves so long as they have coin. the building is also an eatery and bath house.

As things get started the city is a bit overwhelmed with the bull missing the icewalker tribes that were under his command have begun to desert hiring themselves as mercenaries or operating as brigands. Their sudden appearance and raids have caused countless refugees to seek shelter wherever they can, overwhelming the shantytowns of Diamond Hearth the guard are trying to keep order but things are bad. The slums are overflowing, Wyld barbarians are flooding into the city as well as stirring up prejudice and hate crimes against them and outright brawls in the streets.

Diamond hearth has something of a ghost problem. This stems from the fact that rather than properly burying their dead they chuck them down spent mine shafts. Add to this the fact that many miners are overworked and beaten slaves who can be killed and thrown down the shafts on a whim, it’s no wonder the city is a hair’s breadth away from having a Shadowland under it. To this end, all manner of terrifying creatures skulk the streets at night to prey on those too poor to properly defend themselves.



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