Rise of the Northern Star

Sunday descending fire 15

An emissary emerges from the mines at nightfall to carry a proclamation to the council on Shogun Widowmakers behalf.

“Greetings Residents of Diamond hearth, I am shogun widowmaker, acting ruler of Tzalti. It has recently come to my attention that you and your people are the descendants of the citizens of my great city. As such you are citizens as well. I would like to make it clear that I mean you no harm. This is in fact a glorious day. Tzalti is happy to welcome you all back into its arms and to share with you all of the benefits of its ancient wonders. Your city shall become part of Tzalti and we will rebuild all that has been lost to us. I know that you are a proud freedom loving people so I propose a simple solution. You will retain your freedom and simply become a tributary to the new Tzalti nation. A portion of your resources shall be tithed to rebuilding what was lost as well as building diamond hearth into a permanent and powerful force all its own. If this is not satisfactory to you I am afraid you leave me no choice but to bring you to heel with a military response. I warn you that I am an accomplished general with an undead army and wonders at my disposal the likes of which you have never seen. So I wold highly recommend you give my offer due consideration. you have three days to submit to me or i shall take your silence as an act of defiance and act accordingly."

This lead to an emergency meeting of the city Council. The major conversation point Being that there are 2 months until winter proper arrives. they need to finish this quickly or they’ll all be killed, you don’t make war in the north during winter, and the undead will have no aversion to the cold. it is agreed that if they do not put widowmaked down in a month they will have to abandon the city and hope to retake it in the summer.

another major point now is that their reinforcements are still so far off. it is determined that they have a standing force of nearly 500 mercenaries currently being emplyed by the city. in addittion to a roughly equal amount of icewalker refugees in the slums. but it is determined that they have no strong general to lead them. This leads to the uncovering of Falling dust in the storm. a solar mercenary who had only recently arrived in the city seeking work and seeking to learn more about the group of solars who had recently arrived there. he is determined to be the best tactician in Diamond hearth’s employ and is effectively press Ganged into taking the position.

After weighing many options the group determines that the Council will make preperations to evacuate the city on Councilwoman Allston’s Airship which she has kept in the city for the eventuality of the situation in Diamond Hearth going south. While the council does this the Solars plan to take the route plotted by Plith and Luce to The Tomb of bright Shattered Ice where they believe they will find widowmaker’s body and destroy it, cutting the head off the army.



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