Rise of the Northern Star

The Solar's arrival in Diamond Hearth

Hooded Shadow of the Midday, a Night Caste Guild operative arrived in The city of his birth to perform a job for the Guild that never happened.

Auspicious Sun Praising Mountain, a Zenith caste was a Haslanti native who had wandered into the wilderness seeking enlightenment. He returned transformed and began a small order of Sun worshipers.

Strength of the Northern Horizon, A dawn caste agent of the bull of the north waited patiently in the city to rendevouz with the Bull himself for a special mission

Ni’esti, A Twilight caste raised by a Lunar sorceress arrived with his beastman brother H’rann searching for Samea, the Bull’s right hand and the most prominent Solar sorceress.

These five souls found themselves together in an overcrowded camp of refugees and miners when news struck of a murder within the city.



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