Rise of the Northern Star

Waterday descending fire 11

The party awakens the next day to find Plith gone having left in the middle of the night and killing a pair of guards to enter the mines. They follow after him but suddenly find themselves in the Underworld having entered Tzalti’s Shadowland.

Tzalti rests in a deep valley and upon entering said valley the party notices that all the stars seem to have gone out. and the sky is a single tone of deep sapphire blue.

As they enter the city they find Kierns and Jenevieve near a broken wagon where Kierns has flown into a rage and is threatening her with his crossbow while she has a simple amused look on her face. The party enters the fray easily defeating Kierns and finding that their argument was over the wagon, when it broke Jenevieve informed them all that it was a bad sign and referred to her prediction of their deaths, which put Kierns on edge.

Entering the city proper reveals that despite the city’s state, millions of ghosts still go about their daily lives as if nothing has happened. Indeed a great amount of the city technology is still intact but not being used by the mortal ghosts. The ghosts wear simple plain white robes and the city seems to have nothing in the way of adornment on it’s inside seeming drab and lifeless. The ghosts will not speak long with the party as they still think derriliction of duty will get them taken away and all will behave in a quiet and mousy fashion. The streets are also patrolled by pairs of crystal legionnaires that attack the party on sight. Ni’esti understands old realm as they speak to each other in their ancient language he learns that they keep tryng to link to something called I AM but fail. The party decides to go with them to find the authority in the city.

They are taken to a man called Shogun Widowmaker, the ghost of a first age Dragon-Blooded who served as Captain of the Guard during the First Age. He rules in the place of their Solar Queen Bright Shattered Ice, who seems to have not left a ghost and whose reincarnated exaltation has not yet returned to claim the city. He warns them out of his city claiming he is losing patience with the scavengers of the nearby settlement stealing from him and warns them that he will not tolerate it for much longer. They promise to leave but instead go looking for Plith.

They find Plith at the Tomb where he has sacrificed Roncalli to summon up blood apes to pry open the tomb door the party arrives to stop him however slaying the beasts and taking his prisoner. they find that he carries a talisman with him that has trapped the ghost of lord pascaline inside it which he has been using to access the lord’s knowledge. His plan it seemed was to use his necromancy to raise the corpse of bright shattered ice and bind her to him making her a powerful weapon for him to use.

The party determines to leave Plith for Widowmaker in an attempt to appease him for their broken promise and withdraw back to Diamond Hearth where the captured ghost of pascaline exhonerates Luce before departing to the next life.

Widowmakers threat still looms on peoples minds though. He will not tolerate the mining of tzalti any longer. so what will they do…



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