Evard Pascaline


A wealthy Haslanti merchant, and a member of the City council. he was something of a reformer in Diamond Hearth he kept his estate near the outer city and was renowned for his generosity. a famous story tells how he once gave 20 dinars to a man who came to his door simply begging for a meal. and he frequently employed Beastmen who honestly sought to find work in the cities Pascaline was also a famous scholar who spent much of his youth researching Haslanti history. he also had an interest in the occult specifically Tzatli and the famous exalted of myth. he eventually made the acquaintance of Dr Hubert Plith. after growing close Pascaline invited Plith to stay in his Manor as his Personal Physician, and about a year later hired his associate a beastman called Hilliam luce as his steward. Plith and pascaline bonded over their common interest in the occult though the lord thought it purely academic. Plith eventually broached the subject of an expedition to Tzalti. Pascaline of course felt this was too dangerous but the conversation made him realize that plith’s interests went beyond the academic. He went to Luce with his concerns, and luce agreed with Pascaline and volunteered to carry a letter in the morning to the council regarding their suspicions about Plith.

that night as the lord was writing his letter Plith used a duplicate key he had made to enter pascaline’s study and slew him with a knife he had taken from Luce and slew him by stabbing him in the back. he then trapped Pascaline’s soul in a special talisman granting him knowledge of everything Pascaline knew, including his substantial academic knowledge of the occult. after pascaline had died he tore up the note locked the door and left. he then made a lot of noise and called Pascaline’s valet to come investigate so that they could find the body together. upon finding pascaline dead Plith called the Guard.

Pascaline died an elderly man with no Heirs

After the party defeated plith they discovered the talisman and used it to allow Pascaline to testify to the council in regards to his death to exonerate luce. afterwards they destroyed the talisman to free him.

Evard Pascaline

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