Hubert Plith


for some time doctor hubert Pilth has been studying the first age seeking to learn more about the lawgivers and their power. he has become an accomplished thaumaturge to the point of even possessing a copy of the very rare, The Art of Sorcery. Dr Plith later game up thaumaturgy feeling that it was too mortal and was incomparable to the methods used by the exalted.

Plith sought to study true sorcery but lacked the talent to achieve it. he was not discouraged however , he simply felt he hadn’t found the right teacher. because he thought that so long as he was not afraid of the dark power that was associated with it that there would be demons and ghosts willing to teach him

tho this end he found a copy of the Broken Winged crane and called forth the demon Hybris who awakened his essence and began to teach him sorcery. under the guise of a doctor he traveled to Diamond hearth to both study Tzatli ruins and artifacts as well as to practice his other interests. The doctor made the acquaintance of Hilliam Luce a scoundrel and grave robber who would procure the bodies of dead slaves for what he assumed were medical tests and experimentation.

after a few years in Diamond hearth Plith made aquaintance with Lord Pascaline a wealthy Haslanti Merchant, and member of the city council. he also had an interest in the occult specifically Tzalti and the famous exalted of myth. after growing close Pascaline invited Plith to stay in his Manor as his Personal Physician. this gave him a place to stay as well as access to the lords vast occult library. he soon reccomended Luce as a manservant saying he would work for half the going rate (while secretly paying the other half to luce himself.

after another year Plith broached the subject of an expedition into the city of Tzalti proper which Pascaline of course thought was entirely to dangerous. having come to the conclusion that Pliths interests were not simply academic he went to Luce who at this point had become accustomed to living in the Manor. Plith agreed with Pascaline and volunteered to carry a letter in the morning to the council regarding their suspicions about Plith.

that night as Plith was writing his letter Plith used a duplicate key he had made to enter pascaline’s study and slew him with a knife he had taken from Luce and slew him by stabbing him in the back. he then trapped Pascaline’s soul in a special talisman he learned to make from demons granting him knowledge of everything Pascaline knew, including his substantial academic knowledge of the occult. after pascaline had died he tore up the note locked the door and left. he then made a lot of noise and called Pascaline’s valet to come investigate so that they could find the body together. upon finding pascaline dead Plith called the Guard.

All suspicion fell on luce and while bounty hunters and the party searched him out Plith advanced his plans using all of his resources to put together a small excursion into tzatli’ following a trail he had paid luce to scout out a year previous. His goal was the tomb of the Solar queen of Tzalti the sorceress Bright Shattered Ice. He planned to find her body and use his necromancy to raise it as a bound servant. possibly gaining a powerful undead sorceress as a weapon to wield, but at least getting a slave with knowledge of first age sorcery. his plans were foiled however by the party who defeated him and left him to the mercy of Tatli’s acting Ruler the Shogun Widowmaker.

Hubert Plith

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