a haslanti by birth his motto is “make the most amount of money with the least amount of work”. he arms himself with a haslanti crossbow and considers himself a sniper. He and Roncalli were hired by Plith to go on his expedition into Tzatli. In the days leading up to the trip he and Roncalli posed as bounty hunters seeking out Luce in the hopes of silencing him, but had no luck.

On the expedition proper he and Jenevieve stayed behind to fix the Wagon which broke as son as they arrived. jenevieve insisted this was a sign that her prophecy that “anyone who sets foot in Tzalti will die in 12 days” was true. kierns became increasingly agitated and was finally prepared to shoot the woman but was stopped by the arrival of the party.

Jenevieve was asked by the party to take him and leave while they got plith and Roncalli. he was carried out and has not been seen since.


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