Lunar Exalted


Phaedra is a powerful Lunar Exalted who oversees the development and protection of a northern tribe of barbarians nestled in the northern border marches of Creation, to whom she is known as the Wolf Goddess. She is a member of the Crossroads Society and is a master of Celestial Circle Sorcery. In addition to the growing tribe or nearly a thousand humans, Phaedra is also the mother of at least six Half-Caste beastmen; many who have, in turn, given birth to their own beastmen children who serve as hunters, guardians, and emissaries to the rest of the tribe.

Phaedra has always been slow to reveal details about her origin. Based on the things she seems to know and the distant look she gets when she talks of the Usurpation and the fall of the First Age, Ni’Esti reasonably suspects she is a survivor of the First Age, but any direct questions have always gone unanswered. The wolf goddess never took well to being questioned.

In either case, despite her obvious power, she has little contact with the rest of the Silver Pact and is almost wholly dedicated to the protection of the simple society she’s sculpted over so many years.


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