Raksi Queen of Fangs

Lunar Exalted


The Child Raksi, as she was once known, bore a singular distinction in the Old Realm: At the age of 13, Raksi became the youngest person ever to Exalt as a Lunar. Despite her youth, Raksi was a prodigy among the No Moons. By her 16th year, she had already learned Celestial sorcery. Unfortunately, the Usurpation began a few months later. The journey into the Wyld exposed the Child Raksi to horrors. The Wyld has a way of showing things that no one, least of all a rather naïve young sorceress, should be made to see. Raksi endured for centuries, struggling to ignore the voices that whispered unendurable truths in her head, the music that the Wyld sang with color and smell instead of sound, the shapeless lovers who came to Raksi in the night to tempt her with impossible pleasures. Then, one day, her caste broke, and so did her mind. Raksi’s Wyld flaws are not so immediately noticeable as Ma-Ha-Suchi’s. Oh, she does have fingers that bend backwards when she doesn’t pay attention. And, of course, her human true form still has the body of a nubile, 16-year-old girl who will never flower into full womanhood. It’s her more subtle flaws that most Lunars pretend to ignore: her preference for the succulent taste of human flesh, the joy she takes from breeding apemen to worship her as a goddess, her burning hatred for anything she finds beautiful

Despite her madness, or possibly because of it, Raksi became one of the preeminent sorcerers of the Silver Pact. She helped fashion the first tattoos, and she remains the foremost Lunar sorcerer in Creation. When the Fair Folk Invasion ended and the Lunars reentered Creation, Raksi did not hesitate on her course of action. The few inhabitants of Sperimin, decimated by Contagion and Invasion alike, were no match for the hordes of apemen who descended on the city led by a gigantic she-ape clad in moonsilver armor with talons of brass. Sperimin fell within hours. Seven centuries later, Raksi still rules its ruins. Her beastmen, far more ape than human, continue to breed amongst themselves but have no purpose save to protect the city and worship its queen. Today, Raksi, the Queen of Fangs, has rechristened Sperimin as Mahalanka, “the City of a Thousand Golden Delights,” although those delights are for Raksi alone. Raksi knows about the Silver Pact and the Thousand Streams River, but she does not concern herself with them. Her initiation into Celestial sorcery left Raksi with one overriding purpose in life—to master the arts of Solar Circle Sorcery. To her, nothing else matters; her studies of The Book of Three Circles consume her attention. She believes that some day she can find a way to cast Solar spells. Utterly mad, she meditates on the duality of her Lunar existence, maintaining the form of a perfect, innocent princess while engaging in the most vulgar and rapacious deeds. She enjoys torturing male captives while wearing the shape of the captive’s mother. When the victim begs for death, she laughs even harder. The Crossroads Society considers Raksi a de facto member. While she cares nothing for its politics, she often invites young Lunar sorcerers to her domain to study… if they have the stomach for it. Raksi lords her magical acumen
over would-be apprentices, and she lets no one read from the fabled Book of Three Circles unless she considers the reader as inhuman as herself. During her exile, the Wyld had much to show Raksi, and she, in turn, has so much to share with her fellow Lunars.

Raksi Queen of Fangs

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