Summer's Heart


Effects: When attuned, the hearthstone resonates. It also increases his Essence regeneration by +1m/hr.

Set with: Gem of Swift Comprehension
Description: A colorlous clear crystal.
Location: In an orihalcum hearthstone amulet.
Effect: Speeds the comprehension of visual information by 4x (Essence + 1). Reduces the difficulty of all Lore and Investigation rolls involving reading or visual observation by 2 (to a minimum of 1).


Appearance: The hearthstone is set in a subtle sunburst pattern that shimmers with inset specs of adamant and diamond.

History: Ni’Esti found the hearthstone inside the Blizzard’s Respite hearthstone chamber. The name is written in old realm on the back along with a line from a long lost poem or song about holding the summer’s warmth through the long winters of the north.

Summer's Heart

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