city council

Haslanti cities are ruled by a council of citizens. However in Diamond hearth the motivating factor behind all city activities is profit. To that end the ruling council of the city is composed of the wealthiest citizens.

The council members

Johnathan Bright:
Head of the oldest and wealthiest of the families. he is also the youngest of the council. he is calm, intelligent, and for the most part reserved. but can act rashly and hastily when the situation calls for it. He is always flanked by a pair of female servants/bodyguards

Aaron Roc:
the second oldest of the council he presents himself as calm and confident

Amy White:
A very serious uncompromising woman and does not stand for underhanded tricks.

Nina Allston:
the young bride of an aged and distant haslanti merchant who continues to seek his fortune elsewhere. she represents the wealthiest of the families She is also incredibly flirtatious despite her marriage.

Sandra Halden:
another of johnathan’s childhood friends the two of them share a love of swordplay and continue to spar to this day though she is unable to best him. She is dangerous and fiercly loyal to her subordinates all of whom like her were from mining families who gained wealth independently and became wealthy.

Violet Gaider
one of the older council members she is an old spinster and a bit of a cougar lusting after pretty young men and often using her position to get at them. she is also potentially he most intelligent of the council.

David Cibos
the oldest council member he doesn’t participate much anymore and generally works to support Aaron.

city council

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