Ni'esti's Journal

Descending Fire 16, RY 768

An emissary arrived in the middle of the night— a body possessed by a nemissary thrall of Widowmaker’s— the council assembled to hear the message which, big surprise, was an ultimatum demanding the people surrender Diamond Hearth to be annexed by the city. Widowmaker has to know his terms are absurd, but he persists. I still advocate it’s time for someone to remind this ghost that he has no place here in Creation.

Yet another Solar was introduced to us. He’s a mercenary who had been keeping a low profile until the council started looking for a capable commander to lead the town’s defenses. With so many of us, it’s hard to believe we can’t come up with a solid plan to deal with Tzalti, but we’ve spent the entire day debating what ifs and minutia of the plan. Everyone seems to agree that we should do something now, rather than wait for the three days from the ultimatum to pass, but Pale Ice seems especially hesitant to commit to anything.

In the meantime, I’ve performed a ritual on all our weapons and prepared an herbal substance that should provide us with an edge if and when it comes down to a fight.

Descending Fire 15, RY 768

Spent most of today going through the books in Pascaline’s library and searching Plith’s place for something we might have missed before. There’s no sign of Bauer or any of the other people involved in that incident. I’ll have to remember to look into that once the immediate threat is resolved.

Ice and Hat met with the city father who promised to look into some things, which led to a few other considerations— namely some kind of deal with Tzalti’s old god. As intriguing as the prospect of restoring Tzalti is, I’m not certain this deal is going to do much to solve our problem. If negotiations fail, I think the simplest way to deal with this is to find a way to take Widowmaker out of the picture.

Descending Fire 14, 768

I needed to blow off some steam after that debacle in Tzalti. After wandering Diamond Hearth and seeing nothing but a broken community, I went back to the Three Spears Inn where I found that jerk from a few days earlier. I wanted to challenge him at the dart game, but was hampered by my lack of money. I still challenged him, and won, but mainly because I used Essence. I’ll need to get better at this kind of thing. I also realize I need some silver to operate in this society.

I took H’rann hunting. The two of us managed to track down and kill a bear. I was mainly interested in the pelt, but scavenged some wild roots and lichens to plan to make a stew with some of the meat. It should provide a much needed meal for some of the poorer people in town.

Ghosts attacked the glacial mines leading into Tzalti tonight. The other Solars and I responded to an accident only to find Widowmaker’s forces waiting for us. A new Solar named Pale Ice joined us, apparently hired by the council, and he negotiated a temporary cease fire for negotiations, but the ghosts have officially declared war.

After, I went back with Pale Ice to meet with the city council who seem less concerned than they should be. Still they authorized us to go back to Pascaline and Plith’s places looking for any information that might be able to help us resolve this before the situation gets any worse.

Ni'esti's Journal

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